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Joyful Blooms bloomed to elevate your typical flower & gift shop experience. 


We are artists who blend flowers, nature, art, and fashion together to provide you with playful, chic and one- of -a kind pieces!




The face behind

Joyful Blooms

"Happiness held is the seed, happiness shared is the flower."  - J.H.



I believe that we deserve to treat ourselves and others with beautiful things to brighten up our days! We all deserve it!

                                                      -Paula, Founder & Artist

local florist and floral designer paula anger
     all the puzzle pieces
                 came together...
Watercolor Brush 14
handmade jewelry delray beach

handmade jewelry delray beach

I've always been a fan of originality and being true to one's self.   Growing up, I remember my mom would buy me cute bow shoes but what I really wanted was cool sneakers!   While my friends were wearing dresses, I was wearing probably a t-shirt I got from a local artist or anything tweaked to my own style (but I wore cute dresses too :) ). I've dyed my hair probably every color you can imagine. The point here is that I've never been afraid to try new things or to do things differently from the rest. However, I don't really classify myself because I'm always changing and evolving, personally and professionally.  

During my 20's, while still attending college, I worked for one of largest greeting card retailers in the United States, Papyrus. During that time, I also started to make handmade jewelry to sell at art fairs. Around that time, I also started my very first company, Blast MakeupⓇ. I had the honor to work with some amazing people and to be part of many important events, from weddings to Fashion Week NYC.  That lead me to work for Reed Exhibitions, the world's leading events business.

Enjoying and growing from all these life experiences, I've always had that entrepreneurial spirit, so I took a leap and moved to Florida to start my own company, Verano Events, where I currently help couples with their wedding plans. 

While working in the hospitality industry, I took notice to how flowers not only can transform any space, but the positive effect that they unconsciously have on people around them.  Once I discovered the power of flowers, I wanted to start gifting creative floral arrangements and chic gifts to friends and family. But I never could find a place that offered both; flowers and gifts that resonate with my style! So I started creating my own.

That's how Joyful Blooms was born.  We are a flower & gift shop - with a local studio that offers handpicked pieces for you to enjoy or to give to that special someone!

We create contemporary flower designs for the artistic and color loving individuals who also love innovative gifts. We support other artists by offering their beautiful work in our shop as well.  Our products can be purchased online 24/7; our flowers can be delivered locally and our jewelry & gifts can be shipped locally and nationwide!

I genuinely love what I do! I'll be so happy to serve you and share with you my background and passion for flowers, nature, fashion and art!