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The Mindful Art Box | Creative DIY Activity

The Mindful Art Box | Creative DIY Activity


Thinking about a mindful, unique, artistic and meaninful gift for a loved one or for yourself?


We got you! We created The Mindful Art Box for everyone who wants to experience the power of mindful art. Mindful art encourages you to notice your breath, thoughts and emotions while you create your own unique, beautiful and meaningful piece. This art activity will not only relax your mind but it will allow you to unwind, to disconnect from everything else and to connect with yourself.


Have some tea, latte, a glass of wine or your favorite drink, get inspired and start by painting your ceramic vase however you'd like. It could be one solid color, or playful by adding some designs. Then it's time to add the dried flowers. You can cut them to the length you desire, and arrange them in any way you'd like.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this art project will provide an opportunity for self-discovery and self-connection while you also connect with nature.


The Mindful Art Box is perfect for adding a touch of charm to your home or office decor. Get yours today, and don't forget to enjoy the process, be present and experience the joy of your own creation!



✨ Handcrafted ceramic vase in off white with matte finish

✨ Mix of dried and preserved flower bouquet

✨ Acrylic paint palette

✨ Paint sealer / gloss

✨ 3 Brushes

✨ Mixing stick

✨Project Instructions & Suggestions

✨ Thank you gift sticker (chosen at random)



✨ You get to enjoy your piece for years to come as these beautiful flowers are already dried and/or preserved

✨ Flower lengths vary as they come from nature

✨ We dry the flowers in our studio =)

✨ Ceramic vase is handcrafted therefore, each vase is unique and no two will look exactly the same

✨ Each vase is made and box is put together from scratch to order



The Mindful Art Box can:

✨ Improve Creativity

✨ Relax the Mind & Body

✨ Reduce Anxiety & Depression

✨ Improve Mood

✨ Increase Overall Happiness

✨ It's Great for Mental Health

✨ And Much More!

You deserve to take some time for yourself!



✨ Solo creative time

✨ Gifting

✨ Activity for bridal showers, girl's night, birthdays, etc.

✨ Favors

✨ Fun with friends and much more!



✨ Be gentle with the bouquet; dried & preserved flowers are delicate

✨ Ceramic vase is not intended to be used with water

✨ Do not place stems in water or around excessive humidity, stems will deteriorate

✨ Keep bouquet out of direct sunlight



Limonium, statice, baby's breath, linum, craspedia, bunny tails, wheat.

Flowers/colors may vary slightly based on season and availability.



✨ Vase is about 4''H x 2.5''W

✨ Sample arrangement from our picture gallery is approx 13'' H x 5'' W. Your own arrangement may vary on personal preference by what length you cut and how you arrange the flowers.

We are passionate about art and colors as well as bringing fun, happiness & joy into your life!


*This activity is recommended for ages 8 and up

*Wholesale is available for group projects of 10+. Please contact us for more info

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